Magic Kingdom - Main Street Christmas

Disney Vacation – Day 4: Magic Kingdom

I can’t believe it’s 2018! That just sounds crazy! I’ve been away the past week and arriving back home on New Year’s Eve really has me turned around. Yesterday didn’t feel like New Year’s Eve since I was traveling so today being New Year’s day feels a bit weird. But anyway, on to today’s post.

The other day, I mentioned that Magic Kingdom is indeed magical. The most magical of all the Disney parks, in my opinion. So on Friday, we spent the entire day at Magic Kingdom. It was our last Disney day as the following day I’d be going to Universal, purely for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, so we had to spend it at Magic Kingdom. By the way, the Harry Potter post will be up tomorrow!

The day was cold, but despite the cold weather I was still happy to be at Disney World. Prior to going on this vacation I was really excited because I had heard and seen in pictures that Disney goes all out with their Christmas decorations and they really do. Main Street in particular is beautiful!

Magic Kingdom - Main Street Christmas 6
Magic Kingdom - Main Street Christmas 5
Cinderella Castle - Christmas

We enjoyed our FastPass rides and a few others that we were able to get without standing in line for too long. Rides included things like Seven Dwarves Mine Train and Thunder Mountain Railroad. We had lunch reservations at Be Our Guest. I had breakfast there a few years ago and the experience of dining in Belle’s castle is so cool so I wanted to go back. We still couldn’t get dinner reservations but lunch was pretty cool and I got to try “the grey stuff”! The food is good, not phenomenal but you’re really going for the experience.

Magic Kingdom - Be Our Guest 2
Magic Kingdom - Be Our Guest 1
Magic Kingdom - Be Our Guest

Sweater: Disney Store | T-Shirt: Etsy | Jeans: Express | Shoes: Keds via DSW |Ears: World of Disney

After lunch and some more rides, my cousin and I walked around Main Street to pick up some souvenirs and get some Starbucks while the others were in Haunted Mansion, which I think is creepy so I skipped it. It turned dark while we were out there and I thought Magic Kingdom looked so pretty during the day with the Christmas decorations but at night when everything is lit up it looks breathtakingly beautiful!

Magic Kingdom - Main Street Christmas 3
Magic Kingdom - Main Street Christmas 4
Magic Kingdom - Main Street Christmas 2
Magic Kingdom - Main Street Christmas 1
Magic Kingdom - Christmas
Cinderella Castle - night 1

After dinner and some more rides, we caught the fireworks show – Happily Ever After. Disney fireworks are the absolute best! Once you’ve seen Disney fireworks, nothing else quite compares. I’ve loved the Disney fireworks since I first saw them as a 6 year old! Disney changes up the fireworks show but I’m not sure how often. This one is called “Happily Ever After” and the one it replaced, “Wishes” had a 13 year run. So I’m not really sure how long they go before changing it up – whether there’s a set length of time or if it’s whenever they feel a change would be good.

Anyway, we found a spot to view the fireworks behind the Cinderella Castle. We knew we’d miss the illumination in the front of the castle, but it was less crowded where we were and I only really cared about being able to view the fireworks so it didn’t matter whether we were in front or behind the castle. What we didn’t know is that some of the fireworks are shot off from further back around the Beauty & the Beast Castle. So from Main Street or the front of the castle you can obviously see everything. But from where we were between the two castles we had to constantly turn our heads because there was so much going on. Some fireworks going off in front of us over the Cinderella Castle and some behind us over the Beauty & the Beast Castle. I thought I was going to get whiplash! We were all laughing and saying we didn’t know where to look! It was funny though and still beautiful.

Cinderella Castle - night

Magic Kingdom - Fireworks 4
Magic Kingdom - Fireworks 3
Magic Kingdom - Fireworks 2
Magic Kingdom - Fireworks 1
Magic Kingdom - Fireworks

The show is always spectacular and I think the music just adds to the magical effect. Like when they played “I See the Light” from Tangled during a part of the fireworks, it was definitely emotional!

To give you an idea of how I had to keep turning around to see the fireworks, watch the below video!

Amazing, right?! But can you see how I had to keep turning? It was pretty funny actually!

Magiv Kingdom - light beams
Magic Kingdom - Main Street Christmas

Magic Kingdom is definitely my favorite just because it’s so magical and definitely the happiest place on earth. It may be super crowded and crazy during the holidays, but I highly recommend experiencing it during the holidays at least once because it is so beautiful. I mean, it’s always beautiful, but during the holidays it’s even more so. Sadly that was my last Disney day of the trip, but my travel posts aren’t done yet. I still have to tell you about The Wizarding World of Harry Potter tomorrow and do a whole food post later this week.

I hope these photos helped capture some of the dreaminess of Magic Kingdom!

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