• Metropolitan Museum of Art

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    My Recent Trip to The Met

    Some people are “museum people” and some aren’t. I am. I love museums. I love history, cultures, art, and learning about all these things. I’ve been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art countless times over the years and I’ll never get tired of it. My most recent trip there was 2 weeks ago for a field trip. My friend/co-worker and I organized the field trip for our 9th grade students. I thought I’d share some snaps I took that day and offer some tips for traveling there with 40+ teenagers. My Tips Wearing a dress is questionable. I wore a dress and this was good and bad. Good because it was…

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    The Hunger Games Exhibition

    I love The Hunger Games. I’ve read all the books and seen all the movies (that are out) so when my little cousin was visiting from out of town, we decided to head into the city (New York City) to see The Hunger Games Exhibition at Discovery Times Square. The exhibition offers a behind the scenes look at some of the production process as well as showcases some props and costumes from the movies. There are also a bunch of interactive things available such as inserting your image into some of the propos, testing your survival skills, and learning about the districts through interactive screens. There are also some stations…

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    Photo Challenge: Humanity

    It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do for the latest photo challenge from The Daily Post. When I read last Friday that the challenge was going to be humanity I started racking my brain for ideas of pictures I have taken in the past that might represent “humanity”. Unless you live in a city or are currently traveling, I think it’s hard to take a good picture for this category in a few days so you’re mostly limited to previously taken pictures. I’ve traveled to a handful of places in the world and have seen various aspects of humanity, but no pictures that I can remember…