The Hunger Games Exhibition

I love The Hunger Games. I’ve read all the books and seen all the movies (that are out) so when my little cousin was visiting from out of town, we decided to head into the city (New York City) to see The Hunger Games Exhibition at Discovery Times Square.

The exhibition offers a behind the scenes look at some of the production process as well as showcases some props and costumes from the movies. There are also a bunch of interactive things available such as inserting your image into some of the propos, testing your survival skills, and learning about the districts through interactive screens. There are also some stations that remind me of a science museum, one being a station where you can practice tying all different kinds of knots in ropes like Finnick Odair does.

Photography is allowed inside the exhibit, but not flash photography, so I took a bunch of pictures but I’m just going to share a few since I don’t want to give away the whole exhibit!



Mockingjay pin


Here’s the much-loved scarf that Katniss wears in “Catching Fire”. The gift shop actually sells replicas but it was expensive. If I remember correctly it was $180!


Effie Trinket, a fan favorite, at the reaping.



How gorgeous is this wedding gown that Katniss wore? My cousin and I kept talking about how we wanted to just lean over and touch it. Of course, we didn’t for fear of setting off alarms and getting kicked out!


So before getting to this part of the exhibition, my cousin had said that it would be cool if they projected the faces of the characters on the mannequins that were showcasing the wardrobe. As soon as we turned the corner, we got to this little area replicating Caesar Flickerman aka Stanley Tucci’s character interviewing Quarter Quell participants and there was actually a projection of his face and it would talk and move. I obviously had to jump into the seat and get interviewed!

The exhibit was fun and I especially loved seeing some of the iconic wardrobe pieces from the movies. It takes about an hour to walk through, but it depends on how slowly/quickly you want to walk through each section and if you want to read everything in detail, play with all the games.

I’m not sure how long this is running for, but if you’re in the NY area and you’re a fan of the series, I definitely recommend it!

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