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Photo Challenge: Half and Half

The Daily Post’s latest photo challenge, “Half and Half”, is something I’ve never thought of before – at least not consciously. It challenged participants to share a photo, or take a photo, that has two distinctive halves. It could be literal or symbolic, and believe me I was tempted to use a photo of the newlyweds from last week’s wedding I went to, but decided against it. Instead, I’ve decided to share a photo from a few weeks ago taken in Sedona, Arizona.

In the foreground, there are miles of flat, dry, land and in the background are giant rock formations and red rock. Not only is the terrain different in the miles in front of me from that in the background, but the lighting as well. Closer to me, it is a bit cloudy and darker. In the background, the rocky terrain is bathed in a gorgeous, heavenly sunlight. Half rocks, half flat dry land. Half cloudy, sparse grass land, half natural rock formations basking in a sunlit glow.

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