• Life

    Making Bold Moves

    The great news is you’re sole business has grown and it’s high time to move on. No more cramped desk space, working from home but instead an office that works well for your business. It’s an exciting task ahead, are you prepared for your office moving day? Check out our guide: Be Your Best Team Member Organisation is the key and it’s this vital ingredient that’s going to guarantee you a successful office move. Stay focused and organised and create plenty of time to get the logistics just right. You are effectively your own move manager so you’ll need to make sure you’ve ticked all the boxes before you get…

  • Technology

    Photocopier Woes

    If you work in an office or school like me or anywhere with a copy machine I’m sure you know the all too familiar feeling of frustration when the photocopier is just not working. It tends to always happen at the worst possible time, naturally. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to make copies for my students and the copier jams. Then, you follow all the steps on the little screen to try to unjam the copier and maybe it works. For a minute. Another copy will print out and then jam again. If you’re lucky, it’ll unjam for good (for good meaning until you’re done with your…