• Notre Dame
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    Notre Dame

    With the tragic fire at Notre Dame in Paris earlier in the week, I saw an outpouring of stories and photos of people’s experiences in the historic and famous cathedral. Though I have been fortunate enough to have seen Notre Dame with my own eyes three times (so far) in my life, I didn’t join in on the photo/story sharing. However, since it is Easter, I thought today was a good day to share a photo I snapped the last time I was in Paris, about 6 years ago. Although this photo, which predominantly features parts of the cathedral that were destroyed, was taken 6 years ago my story is…

  • View from Eiffel Tower
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    Photo Challenge: Atop

    I love aerial views. It’s always so breathtaking to see things from up above and get another perspective of a place. I have various views from up above from different skyscrapers, from different outlook points on mountains, from planes, etc. So when I was thinking about which picture I wanted to use for The Daily Post’s “Atop” photo challenge I decided to go with one from the Eiffel Tower in Paris. This particular shot is probably not the best one I have from atop, but since I recently saw Beauty & the Beast I’m still in that France/Paris mindset! Have a good Friday – we’re so close to the weekend!

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    Style: Paris in the Fall

      Paris in the Fall by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring eiffel tower wall art Paris is known as the City of Love and the city of high fashion. For the look I put together today, I decided to not go the high fashion route, but instead what I would wear as a visitor to the City of Light (seems like Paris is the city of a lot of things!). Now, I’ve had the good fortune of having been to Paris three times in my life (so far) but never in the fall. Being a teacher limits the times of year I can travel. For this look I chose a red & blue…

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    Photo Challenge: Inspiration

    This past week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post was a little tough at first. The challenge was “Inspiration”  and I didn’t know what I wanted to take a picture of or use from my old pictures. It’s not that I’m uninspired by things, but that many things inspire me in different ways. Nothing I did this week particularly inspired me, at least nothing interesting enough to photograph, so I went through old travel pictures and this is what I came up with… I know the photo’s a little blurry, but I don’t have the original file readily available as I’m typing this up. It’s partially blurry just from being a…

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    Photo Challenge: Achievement

    There are all different kinds of achievement. Whether it’s completing your checklist at work or climbing to the top of a mountain – achievements can be small or grand. Either way, there’s a feeling of accomplishment, happiness and satisfaction inside. For The Daily Post’s “Achievement” photo challenge, I decided to do a Flashback Friday. Back in 2007, a few friends and I went to visit a friend who was studying abroad in London. We planned a day trip to Paris by train. A little crazy to go for just a day, now that I look back on it, but we managed to see the major sites and had a good…

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    Photo Challenge: Humanity

    It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do for the latest photo challenge from The Daily Post. When I read last Friday that the challenge was going to be humanity I started racking my brain for ideas of pictures I have taken in the past that might represent “humanity”. Unless you live in a city or are currently traveling, I think it’s hard to take a good picture for this category in a few days so you’re mostly limited to previously taken pictures. I’ve traveled to a handful of places in the world and have seen various aspects of humanity, but no pictures that I can remember…