• Essential Oil Diffuser

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    3-Part Self-Care Evening

    Since we could all use some self-care these days I thought I’d share what I did a few nights ago for an easy at-home spa night/self-care night. I only did 3 things, but they were so relaxing! After washing my face, I did one of my favorite things – used my facial steamer. This lasts for about 10 minutes. After the facial steamer was done, I put on a sheet mask. Sheet masks are so cooling and refreshing! I chose the Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb sheet mask that evening. While I sat in bed to read with my sheet mask on, I got my essential oil diffuser going. My diffuser…

  • Sephora Rose Sheet Mask

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    Sephora Rose Sheet Mask

    A few weeks ago I tried out my first ever sheet mask, the Sephora Lotus mask and I’m back to talk about another one – the Rose Sheet Mask also from Sephora. Like the Lotus mask, this one felt really nice and soothing on the skin. Since this is my second time using a sheet mask I knew what to expect this time in terms of application and the feel of the mask. This rose mask “Provides deep moisture and brightening properties through natural rose extract.” I know some people love a rose scent and some people are put off by it. I personally like rose scented things, but for…

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    Sephora Lotus Sheet Mask

    Sheet masks are nothing new. I’ve seen bloggers, YouTubers, and other social media users post pictures with their sheet masks for over a year now. I’d always wanted to try them out but never got around to it. Until now that is. In my last Sephora order, I decided to order 2 sheet masks from the Sephora brand. The price of sheet masks varies and since it was my first go with them I didn’t want to spend a lot. The Sephora ones are $6 so that was perfect for me. I bought the Lotus mask and the Rose mask. During my extra days off this week due to the snow…