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Sephora Lotus Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are nothing new. I’ve seen bloggers, YouTubers, and other social media users post pictures with their sheet masks for over a year now. I’d always wanted to try them out but never got around to it. Until now that is. In my last Sephora order, I decided to order 2 sheet masks from the Sephora brand. The price of sheet masks varies and since it was my first go with them I didn’t want to spend a lot. The Sephora ones are $6 so that was perfect for me. I bought the Lotus mask and the Rose mask. During my extra days off this week due to the snow I decided to do a pamper session and try out the Lotus mask.

Sephora Lotus Sheet Mask

Each mask is geared towards something different. The Lotus one “locks in water to reduce the signs of fatigue and strain for a stress-free and rested appearance. ” As I’ve seen a lot of people use them through blogs and Instagram, I knew what to expect with the sheet mask when I opened the package. However, as much as I already knew I was still surprised with just how saturated with the product the mask is. It is essentially drenched in the product. The package was hard to open – I had to cut it and as soon as I cut it the product started to ooze out which made me think I had accidentally cut the mask, but it was just extra product inside the pouch.

I unfolded the mask, peeled off the paper and carefully placed it on my face. It was cold! But once it was completely on it felt cool and refreshing. I was afraid I would start to drip everywhere, but I didn’t.

Sephora Lotus Sheet Mask 1

The directions said to leave it on for 15 minutes so I passed the time by folding some laundry and doing a little bit of reading. I didn’t want to move around too much because I was afraid of the mask sliding off or again, dripping. Once the time was up, I carefully removed the mask. My face was damp and I rubbed in the excess product into my skin. My skin felt a little sticky but it smelled really good!

I’ve only used the Lotus mask once since I only bought one and it’s the only sheet mask I’ve ever used so I have nothing to compare it to. What I can say though is that it felt really nice on and I had no adverse effects so I would definitely repurchase. I’ll be trying out the Rose mask soon and will be sure to write up my thoughts on that one. I would repurchase the Lotus mask because it smelled so good, but there are few other ones I want to try out first such as the Green Tea one which is supposed to reduce the appearance of outbreaks.

Are you a fan of sheet masks? Are there any brands you suggest I try?

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