Hooded Cardigan + Flamingo Tee

Hooded Cardigan + Flamingo Print

My love for cardigans is pretty well documented. They are just so useful! From your classic button down cardigan, to longer boyfriend style sweaters, oversized, fitted – I love them all. So naturally, I love this hooded cardigan with pockets. It’s perfect for a low-key look. That’s exactly how I styled it in this post.  A casual look featuring this hooded cardigan, jeans, and a flamingo tee.

Hooded Cardigan + Flamingo Tee 1
Hooded Cardigan
Hooded Cardigan + Flamingo Tee 2
Hooded Cardigan + Flamingo Tee 3
Hooded Cardigan + Flamingo Tee

Cardigan: American Eagle | Tee: Avenue Be | Jeans: Kohl’s | Boots: UGG

This v-neck tee from Avenue Be is so fun with the flamingos. I love that each flamingo has a different print. It was the perfect casual and fun tee to go under this hoodie cardigan. Combine those with jeans and short blue UGGs with bows in the back and I’ve got a laid back look that’s perfect for the transition from winter to spring.



  1. Cheila

    What a lovely t-shirt. I love flamingos and flowers, perfect combination. And your huggs? I would die for a pair. But they are really expensive comparing to what I usually pay for shoes or boots.

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