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I’m so excited to be starting this blog! I figured my first post here would be a little about myself and the purpose of the blog. I’m a high school teacher and while I certainly love my job it can be all too easy to get stuck in a routine. I’ve always had a desire to be more creative and have finally decided to dive into this. I have big ideas! For now I’ll be using this blog as a forum to highlight some of my interests such as pop culture related things, fashion, beauty, etc. 

I was trying to think back to when I decided to try to become more creative. While I can’t pinpoint a certain time, I did remember that as a little kid instead of wanting the newest toy for my birthday or Christmas I would ask for things like clothes, a sewing machine, and a french phone. If that’s not telling to my personality and style, I don’t know what is! 

I hope you will join me on this journey! 

Welcome to my blog! I'm a teacher during the day and lifestyle blogger by night. I love pop culture, entertainment/TV/movies/music, food, beauty, travel & fashion!

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