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Tieks have been on my radar for months and months now and I kept putting off on getting them. I finally decided to buy a pair! If you go to the Tieks website, there are soooo many to choose from. Tieks of all different colors and patterns galore! If you haven’t heard of the brand, they’re Italian leather ballet flats.

When it came time to pick mine out, I decided to get the classic black matte ones. I figured it’s a safe shade to go with especially since it’s my first pair. They got delivered and the packaging was too cute! I mentioned before in my Baublebar Unboxing post that I love when things come in cute/thoughtful packaging.

IMG_6487 How cute is this box with the flower bow?!

IMG_6488 Inside the box, there were some pictures, a guide on how to care for the shoes and a hand-written card!

IMG_6491 The shoes were folded up inside the box, so they curl a bit, but I’ve had shoes like that before.

When I first put them on, they took some getting used to because they really fit right around your feet – almost like they mold to your feet. After a few wears, I’ve broken them in and I absolutely love them!


All Tiek shoes have the infamous teal soles, which might be my favorite part of the shoe. Part of me (or all of me) is dreading the day the soles get all dirty!


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