DIY Plaid Nails

Plaid has been the pattern of the fall/winter for clothing in terms of tops and scarves and even coats, but now even for nails. I saw a lot of really cool plaid nail art designs online, but some looked really elaborate and others were just a bit too complicated for me and I’m not a nail  art expert by a long shot.

I took a few different tutorials I saw online and created what I thought I would be able to do with little difficulty and also what would work for my nails.


I used OPI’s “Red”, Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens in black and silver and a Revlon top coat. These pens are new to me and I thought to myself that they would make designs sooo much easier. Well, it’s true it made it easier to draw the lines on my left hand. You know what I didn’t take into account? That I can’t hold a pen with my left hand!! So suffice it to say the lines on my right hand are a bit wobbly/crooked looking, but practice makes perfect right?


After the red polish dried, I drew on the black lines first, then the silver. Some pictures I saw online that were the most similar to what I did had three lines going horizontal and vertical, but my nail beds are pretty small so I didn’t want it to look too crowded.


I think it looks pretty plaid-like so I’m happy!

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