Huda Beauty - New Nude

Huda Beauty – New Nude Palette

An update to my post yesterday – my closing on my condo went through! It was very stressful and basically everything that could go wrong along the way, did. But it worked out in the end and now it’s on to getting all the renovations done that I want to get done before I officially move in! Will keep you all posted as things progress and do some home posts.

Anyway, years ago I used to be an eye palette addict. Whenever I saw a new palette come out from a popular brand and I liked the colors I would get it – especially those limited edition and holiday ones! But in recent years I have been much more selective for multiple reasons – money, space, not needing a gazillion palettes, etc. Huda Beauty’s New Nude Palette came out a while ago but I just got it recently and so far I’m loving it.

Huda Beauty - New NudeHuda Beauty - New Nude 1Huda Beauty - New Nude 2Huda Beauty - New Nude 3Huda Beauty - New Nude 4Huda Beauty - New Nude 5Huda Beauty - New Nude 6

I couldn’t get the colors to really show on my camera, but as usual I went for a more natural look. I used “Tickle” all over the lid, blended a little of “Kinky” in the outer corners, and patted a bit of “Infatuated” on top. I put a little of “Bare” under the brows.

This palette is basically my color palette so that’s why I decided to splurge on this one! If you like these colors, I think the palette is definitely worth it. I find they blend well and there’s little fall out – even with the glittery shades.

If you’re interested you can shop the palette with the link earlier in the post or by clicking the photo below!

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