• Beauty Counter Haul


    Beauty Counter Haul

    I have heard of Beauty Counter for the past, at least, 2 years and I’ve been wanting to try the clean beauty brand but never did. Thankfully, I was sent two items from the brand so I could finally try it out for myself and see what the hype was all about! I was sent the Velvet Eyeshadow Palette in “Classic” and the Sheer Lipstick in “Rose”. I’m so happy that these were the two that were sent to me. First of all, they are so my colors! I love the eyeshadow palette – they’re the kind of colors I use all the time. The shadows are so easy to…

  • Huda Beauty - New Nude


    Huda Beauty – New Nude Palette

    An update to my post yesterday – my closing on my condo went through! It was very stressful and basically everything that could go wrong along the way, did. But it worked out in the end and now it’s on to getting all the renovations done that I want to get done before I officially move in! Will keep you all posted as things progress and do some home posts. Anyway, years ago I used to be an eye palette addict. Whenever I saw a new palette come out from a popular brand and I liked the colors I would get it – especially those limited edition and holiday ones!…

  • The Emily Edit - The Wants Palette


    The Emily Edit – The Wants Palette

    Have you ever watched Emily Noel’s YouTube channel – Beauty Broadcast? I used to watch her beauty videos all the time, but in the past 1-2 years I haven’t had time to watch YouTube like I used to! So it’s been quite a while since I’ve watched any of her videos, but I do follow her on social media still and she’s still one of my favorite beauty blogger/YouTubers. Well, she used to blog, I don’t know if she still updates that since she is most known for her YouTube channel. But anyway, the point of this post is that I got her eyeshadow palette – The Emily Edit –…

  • Too Faced - Sweet Peach Palette


    Too Faced – Sweet Peach Palette

    Too Faced’s Sweet Peach Palette has been out since last year and was so popular that it had to relaunch for all the people that missed it the first time around. I wouldn’t say I missed it exactly the first time around, because I wasn’t dying to get my hands on it. But over time, I kept hearing/reading about how amazing the palette was so when the palette relaunched I considered getting it. I still didn’t for quite a while. It wasn’t until this past spring when the Sephora VIB sale was going on that I decided to get it because it was still in stock. It’s still in stock…

  • pixi-itsjudytime-itseyetime-packaging


    ItsJudyTime – ItsEyeTime Palette

    Do you watch YouTube? Years ago I was searching YouTube for tips and tricks with gel liner and I came across YouTuber ItsJudyTime. I instantly loved her video and started browsing through her channel for other videos. I, then, quickly found out that she had another YouTube channel, her daily vlog ItsJudysLife that chronicled her and her husband’s day. When I discovered her channel she was expecting her first baby. Now, if you follow Judy as well you know this was quite a while ago because she has 3 kids now! Anyway, I was an instant fan of hers because she is so down to earth and seems so normal…

  • lorac-pro-palette 3


    Lorac Pro Palette 3

    Lorac is one of my favorite beauty brands. The eyeshadows are spectacular and so buttery soft. I haven’t tried their foundations or concealers so I can’t say it’s my all-around favorite brand, but I’ve tried items from all the other categories and they’re always winners. The Lorac Pro Palettes are super popular and cult favorites and I’m a fan of the first two so when they released Lorac Pro Palette 3 earlier this year I obviously had to get it! The first pro palette was mostly warm toned, the second was cool toned, and this one is primarily champagnes, golds, and bronzes with some darker colors like dark brown and…

  • Estee Lauder Duo - Raisins


    Estée Lauder Eyeshadow Duo

    A few months ago I bought my first ever piece of makeup from Estée Lauder. I was browsing around The Cosmetics Company store and picked up this eyeshadow duo, “Raisins”. For those of you who don’t know, The Cosmetics Company, is an outlet store  that sells high-end skincare and makeup at discounted prices. For makeup, the products are usually (but not always) ones that are from collections the brand is trying to push out to make room for the new ones. So, I picked up this duo and was no longer Estée Lauder-less! First up, the packaging. The packaging is beautiful. The top is gold with the brand’s “EL” monogram featured…

  • MAC Warm Neutral


    MAC Warm Neutral

    Christmas is less than a week away and I have one last gift idea for any beauty lover in your life. A few months ago, I treated myself to the MAC Warm Neutral palette after thinking about getting it for months. I’ve tried just a few MAC shadows and I know there are many shades that are cult favorites so I thought that a pre-made palette like this one would be a great way to try a bunch of shades including some much loved ones like “Brule”. This palette is a neutral lovers dream. I love using this palette for easy looks for work because every single shade blends easily…

  • Beauty

    My First Trip to a CCO

    For a long time I’ve heard YouTubers and beauty bloggers mention CCOs and for a long time I’ve seen the store listing at the outlets I’ve gone to. I never went though either because I didn’t have enough time while at the outlets or I would forget about it until after I already left. In case you don’t know, CCO stands for Cosmetics Company Outlet. It doesn’t get a lot of mention, but when I would hear about it it sounded like this amazing place where luxury brands were sold at discount prices. I imagined it to be this big, wonderland of products that would normally cost an arm and…

  • Beauty

    Urban Decay Haul

    There are so many holiday releases that have come out recently and more on the way, however Urban Decay was not on my list of things I just have to have. Of course, that changed. I got the email that they were having their Friends & Family sale, which offers 20% off your order for a limited time. You can’t be offered 20% off and not take it right?! At least, that’s how I justify it to myself. So, I decided to order a few things I’ve had my eye on for a while and have been on my wish list. My wish list is an ongoing and ever-changing list…