Estee Lauder Duo - Raisins

Estée Lauder Eyeshadow Duo

A few months ago I bought my first ever piece of makeup from Estée Lauder. I was browsing around The Cosmetics Company store and picked up this eyeshadow duo, “Raisins”. For those of you who don’t know, The Cosmetics Company, is an outlet store  that sells high-end skincare and makeup at discounted prices. For makeup, the products are usually (but not always) ones that are from collections the brand is trying to push out to make room for the new ones. So, I picked up this duo and was no longer Estée Lauder-less!

Estee Lauder Duo - Raisins

First up, the packaging. The packaging is beautiful. The top is gold with the brand’s “EL” monogram featured across it. The bottom is clear.

Estee Lauder Duo - Raisins 1

The duo I bought is called “Raisins” and features a light pink, frosty shade and a darker berry shade that I can only describe as raisin! I guess these people over at Estée Lauder know what they’re talking about with these shade names.

Estee Lauder Duo - Raisins Swatches

The swatches didn’t come out so good, but trust me on the lids they are very pigmented. It’s hard to see the light pink in this photo because of the lighting. The sun was just so bright it washed it out on my arm, but it is a light pink with a frosty sheen to it. Perfect for the inner corner or swept over the lids for a light look. The darker shade is super pigmented. I dipped my brush in and tapped it off before putting it in my outer v and so much came off! Incredibly blendable though so the fact that I got way more on my lid than I was intending wasn’t a big deal.

The quality of the shades and the beautiful packaging made this buy totally worth it. I’m so happy I found this little gem and can understand why Estée Lauder has kept its name at the top of the game for so long. I definitely want to try more from the brand including their skincare (which I got a little set for Christmas and I’m impatiently waiting to finish up the creams I already have open so I can dive into this set!) and highly raved about foundations.

Have any of you tried any Estée Lauder products? Any recommendations?

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