MAC Warm Neutral

MAC Warm Neutral

Christmas is less than a week away and I have one last gift idea for any beauty lover in your life. A few months ago, I treated myself to the MAC Warm Neutral palette after thinking about getting it for months. I’ve tried just a few MAC shadows and I know there are many shades that are cult favorites so I thought that a pre-made palette like this one would be a great way to try a bunch of shades including some much loved ones like “Brule”.

MAC Warm Neutral
MAC Warm Neutral 2
MAC Warm Neutral 1
MAC Warm Neutral - Shades

This palette is a neutral lovers dream. I love using this palette for easy looks for work because every single shade blends easily and goes with anything. I love that the lid is clear so you can see all the shades inside. All the shades may be neutral but there are a variety of finishes with a mix of velvets, satins, veluxe pearls, frosts, and mattes.

This would be the perfect Christmas gift for a beauty lover in your life, especially if they love neutrals like me. Now, for the price. It is a bit pricey at $85, which is why it was a splurge item for myself a while back. But, hear me out – I did the calculations and this is actually an amazing deal. In this palette you get 15 shadows, which are all of incredibly decent size for a palette. If you buy an individual shadow from MAC, it will cost you $16. If you buy a shadow just in the pan, for example if you don’t want the packaging and just want the pan to pop into your own Z Palette, it will cost you $10.

That means:

  • If you buy the same 15 shadows individually, it will cost you $240.
  • If you buy the same 15 shadows individually in pan form, it will cost you $150.

In conclusion, the $85 for this palette is actually a bargain! To top it off, as the clock ticks on the time left to buy gifts, I’ve always had good luck with quick deliveries from MAC. I just placed an order this past Monday for a few items from the new Ellie Goulding Collection and it arrived on Wednesday!

One last thing – MAC also has a Cool Neutral Palette if you or your giftee prefer cool tones to warm tones. I may save up to splurge on that after the holidays!

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