Hostess Gifts

Hostess Gifts


Many of us will either be hosting or attending holiday parties in the next two weeks with Christmas and New Year’s just around the corner. I wanted to do a quick post with just a few hostess gift ideas.
  • Fresh flowers are always a nice hostess gift. I know I love flowers so if someone brought me a bouquet I’d be happy.
  • Baked goods/Desserts are always a nice gift especially if you’re going over for dinner. Cookies, cakes, chocolate covered fruits are all good ideas.
  • Another good host/hostess gift is wine or perhaps champagne if you’re going for New Year’s. If there will be a lot of kids at the party, maybe bring some sparkling cider too.
  • My last hostess idea is chocolates, but not just any chocolates. Artisanal chocolates are always so beautiful – almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

These are just a few ideas to bring your host or hostess based on things I know I’d love. Happy partying!


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