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Photo Challenge: Oops!

Before I begin talking about my photo response to this past week’s photo challenge – I need to say that I am just hours away from winter break and I. Cannot. Wait.

Moving on, as most of us know, oftentimes before that “perfect shot” there are a string of not so great ones. Same with a lot of things in life really. Additionally, sometimes we just have “Oops” moments, which we don’t always want a photographic memory of. I’m glad that The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge is highlighting these un-perfect moments because that’s life, right?

So at the end of the week last week, my oven stopped working. Normally not something that needed to be urgently taken care of,Β but Christmas is coming up and it is prime baking season, people! That weekend I had a jam-packed planned weekend of marathon baking with my mom. We make at least 10 different types of cookies and multiples batches as well so we seriously make hundreds of cookies each year. I wrote a post last year highlighting some of the cookies and I have an upcoming post planned about a new cookie I made this year, so stay tuned for that!

But back to my oops. The oven broke and we had to get a new one ASAP. The new stove/oven is great so far, but guess what…


My wok won’t sit flat on the new grates! And I cook with a wok multiple times a week! I need to either get a flat bottom wok or a ring that is sold for woks to sit on. So there’s my crooked, lop-sided oops to share with you all.

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