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Decorating with Ornaments (Outdoors)

About a week ago I wrote a post about decorating with ornaments in ways other than on your Christmas tree by sharing pictures of how I put ornaments in a vase and made a really pretty table display out of it. Well, today I’m showing you how to use ornaments outside the house to decorate.

First up, these aren’t technically ornaments, but they are round balls used to decorate so what else am I going to call them? I got these light-up hanging ball decorations at Costco. At first, I wasn’t sure how I was going to use them, but I love what I ended up doing with them.

Outdoor Light Up Ornaments 2

I used these stands that are used for planters in the spring/summer and hung 3 light-up ball ornaments on each. It looks really pretty at night! Outdoor Light Up Ornaments
Outdoor Light Up Ornaments 1

Next up, I bought these giant ornaments at Michael’s last year after Christmas for just a few dollars. I bought 2 packs which came with 3 assorted ornaments in each box. I decided to hang them on this tree outside. Obviously, you can’t see them at night, but it provides some visible outdoor decoration during the day when the lights can’t be seen.
Outdoor OrnamentsOutdoor Ornaments 1

So now you know ornaments can be used indoors in decorative ways other than on your tree and outdoors as well!

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