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There are so many holiday releases that have come out recently and more on the way, however Urban Decay was not on my list of things I just have to have. Of course, that changed. I got the email that they were having their Friends & Family sale, which offers 20% off your order for a limited time. You can’t be offered 20% off and not take it right?! At least, that’s how I justify it to myself. So, I decided to order a few things I’ve had my eye on for a while and have been on my wish list. My wish list is an ongoing and ever-changing list I have on my computer and things I save on the “loves” section of Sephora and “Favorites” section of Ulta. Anyone else have pages of items they hope to one day have?

Onto the haul! I got the Naked2 Basics, which I was on the fence about when it was first released. I wasn’t sure it was different enough from the original, which I love and is perfect for travel. But the more I saw it, in person and all over the Internet, the more I wanted it and it magically ended up making it onto my wish list. I got the Naked Flushed palette in Naked. All the options look amazing, but I went with the original because I’ve had it on my list since it came out a long time ago ( a year ago? 2 years ago? I really don’t remember!). Last, I got a Revolution lipstick in Streak. Streak is supposed to be a coral pink color. I bought a Revolution lipstick in Native earlier in the year and love it so I wanted to try another shade.



Like I said earlier, there are so many amazing looking holiday sets coming out. Sad news for my wallet. I have a few things already, something on the way, and some release dates I’m eyeing. It’s so hard to pick and choose which pieces of a whole collection I want especially when you’re going just on promo pictures and videos. Sometimes there’s no time to wait it out and see it in person if you really want it because some brands like MAC sell out within hours! Anyway, I’ll post a holiday beauty haul soon, which may or may not show everything I’ve gotten…

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