Sinful Colors - Conjured Color

Sinful Colors – Conjured Color

If you’ve been following me for a while then you know I typically paint my own nails. It’s not that I don’t like going to the nail salon, but I don’t usually have the time and I’d rather save the money. So unless I’m treating myself to a mani/pedi or have somewhere special to go where I’d like to get my nails professionally done – I’ll do them myself. In fact this past summer when I had a marathon of weddings to go to within 1 month, I just did my own nails each time.

Now, even though I do my own nails I am by no means an expert especially when it comes to designs or anything like that. I’m still learning and it’s been a slow process. But I love getting new polishes because the color selection these days is so good. When Sinful Colors sent me their new Conjured Color collection I was so excited! First off, the PR packaging was out of this world. So creative and perfect for Halloween! The polishes from the Conjured Color line (plus a few others that I think are not part of the line) are inside a big box that looks like a spell book. When you open the book it makes a creaking sound from a speaker!

In addition to the nail polishes they also give a guide on some nail design tips and a moon with a stand that actually lights up! There’s a yellow and white light option and it comes with a charger so you can bet I’m incorporating it in to my fall/Halloween decor for years to come.

Sinful Colors - Conjured ColorSinful Colors - Conjured Color 1Sinful Colors - Conjured Color 2Sinful Colors - Conjured Color 3Sinful Colors - Conjured Color 4Sinful Colors - Conjured Color 5Sinful Colors - Conjured Color 6Sinful Colors - Conjured Color MoonSinful Colors - Conjured Color Moon 1Sinful Colors - Conjured Color Moon 2

The colors have such fun names too. They’re called:

  • Powerful Potion
  • Glow in the Dark (obviously this polish glows in the dark)
  • Spellbound
  • Witch, Please
  • Bad Witch

And then the ones that I also was sent that I don’t think are part of the Conjured Color collection are:

  • Green Ocean
  • Let Me Go
  • Bitten

I painted my nails with Bad Witch which is a sparkly navy blue color. The sparkles are part of the polish and not gritty which is nice and means it won’t be a pain to remove later!

Sinful Colors - Bad WitchSinful Colors - Bad Witch 1

I can’t wait to try all of these out!

And here’s a video of the creaking sound!

*I received these complimentary, but all opinions are my own.*

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