Flash Tattoo Nail Tattoos

Rain[Bow] Nail Accents

Have you ever used any temporary tattoos from Flash Tattoo? I’ve written about them a few times on here because they’re so fun. Well recently they came out with nail designs! I knew I wanted to try them so when I placed an order for some new summer tattoos I added some nail tattoos to my basket. I got the Beach Set and the Sweet Treats set.

Flash Tattoo Nail Tattoos
Flash Tattoo - Nail Tattoos

These nail tattoos work exactly like regular temporary tattoos. You cut out the design you want, peel off the plastic cover, place it on your nail and use a wet paper towel to transfer the design.

I decided to use the rainbow from the beach set and the bows from the sweet treats set. First, I painted my nails with Sephora Formula X “Phenomena”. Once that was completely dry, I put the rainbows on my ring fingers and bows on my middle fingers. Once that was completely set, I did 1 coat of top coat.

Nails - Rainbow + Bow
Nails - Rainbow + Bow 1
Nails - Rainbow + Bow 3
Nails - Rainbow + Bow 2

I really like the way they turned out! It’s hard to get the designs to line up perfectly because obviously your nail is curved and you’re working with a much smaller area than other parts of your body where you might put a tattoo so it it’s hard to get it to sit just right. But anyway, I think these are so fun and a great way to design your nails when you’re not great at doing free hand designs!

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