Nail Polish & Flash Tattoo Decals

Nail Look: Orange + Gold Circles

I wanted to do something fall-ish with my nails a few days ago so I got out my light orange nail polish. I couldn’t find my brown polish (I swear I bought brown polish for a nail look last year or the year before but maybe not?) but I’ll have to buy that before Thanksgiving as I’d like to do something with brown then. In any case, I was thinking about what kind of nail design I could do and I decided to look through my Flash Tattoo nail decals since I hadn’t used them since the time I did rainbows and bows on my nails. I saw that there were these circles that are like phases of a circle and thought that the gold would look nice on the orange.

I painted my nails with 2 coats of Revlon’s “Privilege” – a light yellow-toned orange. After that was completely dry, I cut out the decals and applied them to my middle and ring fingers as I would a temporary tattoo. I made sure to put them on in order since the designs are phases.

Once those were on, I did a coat of top coat and let it dry.

Revlon - Privelege 1
Nail Polish & Flash Tattoo Decals
Revlon - Privelege
Flash Tattoo - Nail Tattoos
Circle Phase - Nail Tattoo
Circle Phase - Nail Tattoo 1
Circle Phase - Nail Tattoo 2

It came out pretty good but these decals did not last as long as the rainbows and bows – well one of the circles at least. After just a day, one of the circles was already half gone. But that was the only one so maybe that one just wasn’t laid down as securely as the others. I’m on day 4 now and the other circles haven’t come off but they are starting to crack a little. Nonetheless, I do like them and the good thing about these decals is that if they come off, the polish underneath is still in good condition so my fingers are still polished and it’s not a complete waste of a nail look.

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