Photo Challenge: Refraction

Today I bring to you my response to this past week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post – Refraction.  I spent a little bit of time thinking of what pictures I already had that could fit into this category. I’m sure I have quite a few ranging from city lights to the sun hitting the ocean, but unless you have one picture you love it can be hard to randomly remember every picture you’ve ever taken.

Originally, I thought about posting a picture I have of some gorgeous and colorful lamps from the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. I went there a few years ago. I even found a good shot I had and had it all planned out that I would use that picture for my weekly photo challenge post. Then, my family got a new chandelier in the dining room and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to take some refraction pictures with this brand new, shiny, crystal chandelier.

In case you didn’t know, capturing good light type pictures is hard! You see so many things with the naked eye that can’t be (or at least is very difficult) to capture with a camera. I kept moving around and adjusting the light, etc. to try to capture that glittering light traveling through the crystals in all different directions that I could see with my eyes. I’m not a photography expert by any means. Like, at all. But, I hope to get better!





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