Let’s Talk About Making Your Home Cleaner And Greener

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Whilst you can’t control your environment when you’re out and about in the world, you have control over the way your house looks and feels. And your humble abode should definitely feel comfortable. That goes without saying, right? Yet, so many people settle for less than perfection in their own homes. If that’s the case for you, then it’s time to create a warm and welcoming household. Let’s talk about making your home cleaner and greener.


Declutter and sell your belongings.
It’s a big task but one that’ll massively benefit the feel of your home. Decluttering is about getting rid of the things that you no longer want or need. We all end up collecting things gradually over the years and ending up with a huge pile of belongings that simply take up room and bring nothing to our lives but stress. So, why cause yourself grief? Make your home cleaner by clearing out every room in your house and creating a more spacious abode for you and your family to enjoy. This is also a green solution. After all, it’s wasteful to let old possessions break and become useless. Instead, you could find a new home for old belongings and find a purpose for those unused things.

The goal is to make your household feel larger and more welcoming. By creating a more open environment, you’ll feel more relaxed in your home. Clutter isn’t just a tripping hazard; it affects your mental health. The appearance of your household has more of an effect on one’s psychological state than many people appreciate. By cleaning your home, you’ll be cleaning your mind. And, when you sell your stuff, it could help you with other renovation projects that you have planned. After all, home improvement tasks often cost money, and you could make a nice profit from selling your old things online. Auctioning sites such as eBay, in particular, provide a great way of driving up the value of used possessions if you can generate interest from multiple parties and let them try to outbid one another.


Work on your storage options.
You should also work on your storage options if you want to make your home cleaner. Getting rid of your clutter is only the start. You probably still have plenty of possessions left over that are taking up a lot of room in your house. The best way to make your household feel large and spacious is to use space as efficiently as you can. So, you could put up more shelving units on the walls, for example. This would create a new home for some of your belongings. Kitchen crockery could be cleared off countertops and other surfaces, for instance. Don’t underestimate the effect of simply improving the tidiness and layout of your house by creating new storage solutions.


Conserve water.
If you want to help to protect the planet and save yourself some money, you should aim to conserve water. Set yourself a 3-minute limit in the shower, for starters. You could try turning the water off whilst you use soap to clean yourself and then turn the water back on to wash the soap off you. There are plenty of ways to be more conservative when it comes to water usage, and it doesn’t have to put a strain on your existing lifestyle. Remembering not to leave the tap running whilst you brush your teeth or wash your hands, for example, could make so much difference.


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Improve your home’s air quality.
You should also aim to improve your home’s air quality if you want to make your home cleaner and greener. We’ve talked a lot about how you can feel more comfortable by improving the design of your property, but your level of comfort is also affected by the way the air feels in your humble abode. By getting some nice plants and flowers for every room in your household, you could really freshen up the place. These natural additions aren’t just pretty aesthetic pieces. Plants remove toxins from the air, so they could help you to create a much cleaner and greener home.

Of course, there are other solutions, too. Modern technology can help to make your home cleaner and greener. You might want to check out this air purifier. This could help to treat the air in your household and make each room feel so much fresher. You’ll be able to keep yourself cool during the warmer months of the year, but you’ll also be cooling yourself with purified air. As important as it is to adopt natural solutions to keeping your home clean (especially when you’re trying to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle), there’s no denying that technology can do a lot to help us in the modern age.


Insulate rooms.
One of the best ways to make your home greener is to improve its natural insulation. Rather than generating huge energy bills and contributing to environmental destruction (given that most energy grids source their power from plants burning fossil fuels), you could try to keep your house as warm as possible without consuming energy. It’ll save you money and it’ll save the planet. Plus, it’s good to know that your home is naturally warm and cozy – you don’t want to have to rely on energy all the time. If there’s a power cut in the middle of winter, you want to know that you’re still going to be warm and comfortable. Insulation can even help to keep your household cold during the summer by preventing heat from entering your home.

There are plenty of simple ways to insulate rooms. Rugs and throws can provide insulation on floors and couches, respectively. You might also want to put draft excluders on doors throughout the house to trap heat more effectively in each room. It’s also worth getting thicker glazing for the windows in your home if you want to stop heat from escaping. Perhaps you could even insulate the roof in your attic; after all, heat rises, so that’s where it’ll leak out of your house. By insulating the rooms in your house, you’ll have a cozier and greener home in no time at all.


Clean your home as naturally as possible.
Many modern cleaning products are full of chemicals that do more harm than good. This can be a disconcerting thing to read when you’re trying to protect your health by cleaning your home. Still, there are plenty of smart and natural ways to keep your home clean (and green). You just need to embrace natural products that don’t contain harmful ingredients. In many cases, you don’t even need to purchase cleaning products for the task at hand. You’ll probably have plenty of ingredients that can be used to keep your home clean and hygienic without harming the environment (and your health).

You should use natural products, such as vinegar and citric acid from citrus fruits. You might also want to use bicarbonate of soda in place of caustic chemicals. The point is that there are plenty of ingredients out there that can keep your household clean without harming the planet or your wellbeing. This extends beyond your house, of course. The same goes for keeping yourself clean. You should use natural soaps in the shower. And if you get a cut, then you can even use alcohol to keep the wound clean. The point is that you should clean your home as naturally as possible if you want to keep your lifestyle as green as possible.


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Get gardening.
Additionally, you should get gardening if you want to make your home cleaner and greener. Your garden is a part of your household, after all. Don’t neglect your outdoor space. If you put it to good use, then it could transform your entire home. Keeping your back yard clean, for starters, is just as important as keeping the inside of your household clean. By spending more time in your garden, you’ll feel a greater incentive to keep the place neat and tidy. Make sure you keep up with odd jobs such as mowing the lawn, trimming overgrown weeds, and tending to flowers or plants that you might be growing. You should be aiming to make this outdoor space as colorful and vibrant as possible.

In terms of the green side of your garden, you should focus on more than just your lawn, shrubbery, and trees. You should find ways to lead a more green lifestyle by putting your back yard to good use. For instance, you could start growing your own food. Starting a vegetable patch or planting a fruit tree could give you a fun project to keep up, but it’ll also provide you with plenty of delicious homegrown food. It’ll save you a lot of money, but that’s not the only positive to consider. Given how environmentally-damaging the food industry can be (fruit and vegetables are often flown halfway across the world and packaged in plastic), you’ll have a much smaller carbon footprint if you grow your own food. Get gardening if you want to make your home cleaner and greener.

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