Book Review: Baby Proof

To start off my summer I wanted to read something light and that didn’t require a lot of deep thinking. Enter Emily Giffin’s Baby Proof. I’ve read two of her other books Something Borrowed (love the movie as well) and it’s sequel, Something Blue so I really wanted to to read another book by her.

baby proof
The book centers around Claudia, a woman in her mid 30s, who has been married to her husband Ben for a few years. Throughout her 20s she dated men who weren’t right for her for one reason or another, but more than one of the relationships would inevitably come to an end because she didn’t want to have kids and they did. She meets and falls in love with Ben and when the time comes to discuss what they both want in their futures, she is pleasantly surprised when he also does not want kids. They marry and begin their journey to happily ever after.

But wait! Of course, something has to happen to throw a wrench in her happily ever after, right? As the years pass, nieces and nephews are added to the mix and their closest couple friend announce they are expecting, Ben begins to change his mind on children. Maybe he does want a baby after all. Maybe he does want to experience fatherhood and would regret missing out on it. This causes Claudia’s world to come crashing down and readers join her on her journey to discover what will happen with her life when what she thought she was so sure of – her husband and marriage – becomes unstable.

I really enjoyed this book because I honestly did not know where the storyline was going to go. I didn’t know if the storyline was going to bring Claudia and Ben back together stronger than ever or if it was it was about her moving on from a marriage that just didn’t work out and finding her new life. Was the message that love ultimately conquers all? Or is it that even when we think all is lost we need to pick ourselves back up and life goes on? Giffin does a good job of keeping readers very present in the storyline so readers are experiencing everything in real time, as Claudia experiences it. The readers are there as Claudia works through what’s going on in her life. She spends a lot of time torn between feeling betrayed by Ben’s sudden desire to become a father and feeling like maybe she’s just being stubborn and unwilling to even consider the possibility of becoming a mother. I remember thinking to myself “I have no idea where this is going to go and it’s already chapter 15.”

I love the way Giffin writes. It’s light but with so much truth and weight to her words. One quote from the novel really stuck with me, “Things certainly aren’t the way you imagine them when you’re a kid and dreaming big dreams about what your life as a grown-up will look like.” I think this quote is so true. I have often thought about how life often is nothing like what you imagined it would be when you were young. When we’re little, we have no idea that life gets complicated and things certainly don’t happen as easily as we think they will. For Claudia, she is of course talking about her marriage, but I absolutely think anyone can relate to this quote.

All in all, I highly recommend this book if you’re into “chick lit”, love stories, or just reading about a woman trying to figure out her life when the unexpected aka life happens.

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