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Summer Bedding

We often talk about how our wardrobe changes with the seasons, but something I’m sure we all change up and don’t talk about nearly as much is bedding. In the winter, I love love lots of blankets and layers. I’m always cold and I love snuggling up with blankets – plural. In the summer, I still like snuggling up with blankets, but obviously lighter weight blankets. So off comes the down blanket and fleece blanket….and flannel sheets and I switch it up with a light quilt, regular sheets and thermal blanket. In fact, I Instagrammed a shot of my new floral quilt a few weeks ago.
This isn’t the Instagram picture, but it’s pretty much the same. By now, if you’ve been following me for a while, you know I love florals so this Laura Ashley quilt (which is reversible) screamed my name. However, if I could redo my whole bedding situation, I would love to go with a crisp, all-white look. Parachute , a luxury bedding company based out of Venice Beach, California, offers an array of bedding sets and pieces featuring these simple, clean cut colors. Below, I’ve put together my dream bedding. 
Summer Bedding
I chose The Venice, which is the bedding set that includes a fitted sheet, duvet cover, and 2 pillowcases. You can choose from colors ranging from ash, slate, navy, and more. I think I’d go for white, because I think the look of an all white bed and comforter/duvet just looks so comfortable and luxurious. White also seems like a great color to go with for summer. I like the striped, cashmere throw for some extra snuggling material too, because as you know even though it’s summer I love layers! The light on the end-table is great because I love to read before bed, especially now that it’s summer time and I have more free time. I have a whole list of books I’d like to get through before summer ends! Lastly, candles are a must for me because I love them and I love the calming atmosphere they provide, not to mention the lovely scent they give off. The candles available at Parachute are all natural soy wax which provides a slow, even burn. Some people think candles are only for fall and winter, but I think they are great all year long. I can’t think of a better way to fall asleep than with a book in hand, the lingering scent of a candle (that you safely blew out before falling asleep!), and wrapped in luxurious sheets.
I’d love to create a bedding set like this for myself one day. Just throw in a vase of some fresh flowers (imagine how pretty that would look against all that white) and I’d be happy!

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