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Bohemian Dream: Moroccan Inspired Decor

Bohemian Dream: Moroccan Decor



I’ve never been to Morocco, but I’d love to go one day. In the meantime, I can daydream about Moroccan vibes and bohemian inspired decor. When I think of bohemian/Moroccan decor, I think of rich textiles and tiles. For this living room, I chose a light purple blush colored chaise sofa because of the color and the fact that I’d love to be lounging on that right now! I added in some silk and textured pillows. The sofa would sit atop a diamond print Moroccan rug with a gold Moroccan side table with glass table top. Fresh flowers are always a staple for me so I put a bouquet in a teal and blue mosaic vase on the table. To finish off the room, I chose three different tiles for wall art, simply because I couldn’t choose which I liked better! I’m definitely more partial to the blues, but which do you like better?

What do you think of bohemian/Moroccan inspired decor?

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