Book Review: Love the One You’re With

I’m back with another Emily Giffin book, Love the One You’re With. If you read my last Giffin book review , you’ll know I’m a fan of Giffin’s. So what did I think of this book? Keep reading to find out!

love the one you're with
Love the One You’re With
centers around Ellen, a woman in her early 30s, who has been happily married for less than a year to Andy, the brother of her best friend. She is blissfully married and life is good until she runs into Leo, the ex, on the street. She can’t get Leo out of her mind after running into him and she begins to question everything.

Without giving too much away, the two guys can be easily categorized into 2 types of guys. Leo is the guy who Ellen was in a relationship with in her early 20s and it was the all consuming kind of love. The kind where her whole world revolved around him and the sun rose and set with this guy. Definitely the unhealthy kind of “love” in my honest opinion! But Ellen, of course, thinks he’s amazing – so whatever. Andy on the other hand is the guy who is honest, stable, and good. They have a mutual love and respect for each other. So the question really is whether you want the passionate, but sorta crazy, unhealthy kind of love or the kind of love that may not be quite as passionate but is good in every other way.

There is one quote that stood out to me:

I told myself that love is sometimes a war of attrition, and that through sheer force of will, I could fix our problems, love him enough for both of us.

It stood out to me because I feel like a lot of people can relate to this feeling and in my opinion, it’s the way we think when we’re young —  when we don’t know any better and think that we can love someone enough “for both of us” and that we don’t deserve more. You can guess which guy this quote is about in the book!

I won’t spoil how the book ends, but I wasn’t crazy about the ending. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the book and it’s a nice, easy chick lit book to read, but the ending wasn’t my cup of tea. I thought the whole resolution happened a little too quickly and the real end just seemed a little unrealistic and dumb, for lack of a better word, to me. The ending definitely could’ve been a lot better, but overall I did like the book. If any of you have read the book and want to discuss the ending, leave a comment!


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