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August 2015 Favorites

August 2015 Favorites
I’m so sad that we’re at the end of August. The summer went by way too fast! I only have a few favorites for this month, which is weird because I feel like I loved so many things this month. But because I loved so many things I really had to cut it down to just the top items or things that I loved for the longest period of time in August.
  • Sherlock – I watched all the seasons of Sherlock on Netflix during August. It didn’t really take me that long since there are only 3 episodes per season (each episode around an hour and a half long). I really enjoyed the show and now I know what all the hype is surrounding the show!
  • Laura Gellar Dreamsicle Blush – This baked blush that swirls together baby pink, hot pink, and yellow is so beautiful. It’s a rediscovered product and I’ll be giving it a more proper review in the coming weeks!
  • Elephant Ears – I used to love these cookies when I was younger and recently bought a box from the supermarket. So yummy!

Like I said there were so many things I could have included in this month’s favorites but I had to cut it down. There were actually quite a few other TV shows I could’ve included that I’ve been binge watching on Netflix but I’m going to create a post all about that sometime in September.

Now onto my favorite song of the month!

One of my “don’t need to think about it” reads this summer was Grey, the Fifty Shades of Grey (first book) story retold in Christian Grey’s point of view. It was just a fun, mindless read, but since reading it I got back onto that whole 50 Shades train again and finally watched the movie. The movie was alright — I think it could’ve been done much better but I had no complaints about the actors/actresses chosen especially because I’m a huge Jamie Dornan fan. Anyway, to make a long story short,  my favorite song for August is Sofia Karlberg’s cover of Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” which was used for the movie trailer.

That’s it for August! What are some things you loved this month?

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