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It’s officially the beginning of Labor Day Weekend/a three-day weekend! I know I’ve only been officially back to work for a few days, but this week has been so tiring so I’m welcoming this long weekend with open arms! Since Labor Day Weekend is basically the unofficial ending of summer I looked around the Internet for a summer tag and found one I liked.


1. What is the best part of summer time?

The best part of summer is that I get to relax from an always stressful school year, sleep later than 5:30 am and spend more time with family and friends. Oh and go away on vacation! Not sure if I was only supposed to name 1 thing, but oh well!

2. Do you tan or burn?

This can go either way. I can burn easily if I’m not consistently reapplying, especially if it’s my first time really out in the sun for a long time for the summer. Once I get a base going I tan though. These days I get a light tan going because I’m not out all day long all summer long. When I was younger and always in someone’s pool I would get very tan.

3. Favorite summer nail polish

Hmm I think Essie’s “Mint Candy Apple”

4. Favorite summer drink/beverage

This summer I had prickly pear lemonade in Arizona and it was hands down the best drink I had all summer.

5. Favorite summer clothing item

I can’t think of one item that was my favorite this summer, but in general I would say maxi dresses.

6. Favorite current phone app during this summer

Spotify has been getting a lot of usage on my phone this summer especially in the car.

7. Favorite summer movie

My favorite movie this summer was Jurassic Park. It was a fun summer movie, I went with my girl friend for a fun evening out, and Chris Pratt starred in it. Enough said.

8. Favorite summer beauty product

This is a tough one! I’m going to cheat a little bit and name 2 products because I loved using them in conjunction this summer. Benefit’s Rockateur blush & their Watt’s Up cream highlighter. I raved about this combo a few weeks ago.Β 

9. Favorite summer activity

Hanging out with friends especiallyΒ my best friend and her baby!

10. Favorite type of lip product for the summer time

I loved my Nivea A Kiss of Smoothness Balm this summer because it was so moisturizing and has SPF. Perfect for summer!

That’s the end of the tag! Although it may be the unofficial end of summer, it’s still very much summer weather right now where I am. I plan to take advantage of this weather, at least fashion wise, for as long as it lasts because I know the fall weather followed quickly by the winter weather will be here before we know it!

Let me know if you decide to do this tag — I’d love to read your responses!!

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