4 Ways To Handle Life’s Bitter Lemons

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. 

While the proverbial phrase is the epitome of a positive attitude, it doesn’t give you the best approach to handle unpleasant and problematic situations. You can’t just throw a spoonful of sugar at everything and hope that it’ll take the bitterness away. Making lemonade is the kind of thing that only works with real, actual lemons. When it comes to metaphorical ones, finding the metaphorical lemonade can be tricky. So how can you turn a bad situation into something better? The truth is that, more often than not, there’s no way you can make a lemonade how of it. So you need to figure out how to handle bitter news without losing your sh*t. 


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Breathe and let go
There’s something true in the whole lemonade motto; it’s all about a positive attitude. Forget the image, but stick to the core of the lesson. Whatever happens, staying positive is going to be the most helpful approach you can find. It will not change the situation, but it will help you to free your mind from worries – and maybe find a way out or learn to accept. It’s easy to be angry about what you don’t have or what has been taken away from you, but before you complain about life’s lemons, try to show gratitude for what you have or had. It will help you to relax. More importantly, being grateful can also invoke the law of attraction and send more positivity down your way!

Give yourself the chance to start from fresh again
Do you sometimes feel like you want to press pause and restart your life? You can take as many fresh starts as you want, and as you do, you get to forget about the bitter lemons of the past. A lot of people admit they’ve found happiness only after they’ve decided to start from scratch again, including long distance moving to a brand new environment. There’s nothing wrong about cutting ties with the darkness that drags you down. After all, if life gives you lemons in LA, then move to NYC instead! Those lemons aren’t going to follow you. 


Find a professional to guide you to safety
Where do your lemons come from? More often than not, making costly mistakes can attract those bitter foes. But you can find guidance to navigate your life back to the safe side. Whether you’re struggling to meet your financial goals or confused about how to land your dream job, a professional consultant can help you to steer away from the lemons. From financial expert to career coach, you’ve got no excuse to tackle difficulties alone. 


Remember that there’s a rainbow in the end
Not everything is happy in life. But even after a period of rain, there is always a rainbow at the end. Indeed, sometimes, you need to be unhappy to recognize happiness next time it crosses your path. Sometimes, the difficulties can show you a new direction for the future. Be patient and soon you’ll find out what the lemons are trying to tell you. 


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Life is full of bitter lemons. But making the metaphorical lemonade is not the best way to handle them. Indeed, while positivity can be a helpful tool, you sometimes need to find other ways to get rid of your lemons. 

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