The Power Of Positive Thinking in Your Life

You might have heard the phrase opposites attract. And while that can often be the case for romantic couples, and even friendships, when it comes to most other things in life, and things relating to a more spiritual element in our lives, like attracts like. A simple way to break it down is all about using the power of positive thinking to attract more happiness and positivity in your life. But on the flip-side of this, if you are negative, the more negativity that you will bring into your life. Think positively and you will be able to call positive things to you. When you have a cynical or pessimistic worldview, then your negativity will become a self-inflicted, self-fulfilling prophecy.

Of course, this can be much easier said than done simply because we as humans have a predisposition to lean towards negativity. When we feel sad or angry, we give those emotions much more attention than when we are happy. Plus, things like good news can fade away, but bad or sad news can last a lifetime with us. But you can learn to use the power of positive thinking and then as a result, be able to train your mind to focus on the happiness and positive things. So here are some things to think about.


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Meditation is all ‘hippy-dippy.’ In this day and age more people are realising the value that it has, and the time to be quiet and more mindful, and have a focus. It can be a great way to clear the negativity from your life and help to bring about some recovery from any harmful or negative things in your life. It is a great practice that can help to rejuvenate the mind, and can really help mental health and things like anxiety.  If you are into things like prayer, wishes, or spells, then it can also be a time to focus on that, after looking at a wish come true spell here, for example. It is all about switching off and finishing with a refreshed mind and a clean slate, so to speak.


Be thankful
There have been a large number of studies that have found that when we show gratitude and are grateful, that it makes us much happier. When we are thankful there is also some science behind it all, that explains what is happening too. Our brains are flooded with dopamine, which is a chemical in our body that can help to calm anxious feelings or remove negative thoughts. Gratitude is something that can help to invoke the law of attraction. So if you remember to make an effort with being grateful, then you will find that the positivity follows. A practical way to show gratitude can be something like a thankful journal, where you list of the things that you have been thankful for each day. 


Be kind
Kindness is something that has also shown to make us happier and less stressed, so it is something that is really worth putting into practice. You are going to feel better being kind and positive to those around you, rather than being negative and unkind. 

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