Edamame & Red Pepper Chopped Salad

Edamame is one of my favorite snacks. I love ordering it as an appetizer at Japanese restaurants and I love snacking on it at home as well. Over the summer, I was really into salads and I did some searching online for salads incorporating edamame. I found a bunch of different ones, but for my first ever salad with edamame, I decided to just put together things I thought would go well together.


I chopped lettuce, red bell pepper, and peeled some carrots into a large bowl.


I de-shelled the edamame and rinsed them.


Next, I toasted some walnuts. I love walnuts in salads!


I made honey balsamic vinaigrette dressing from scratch. It was surprisingly easy to do, but it needs to be made fresh. I made this again another time a few weeks later to bring to work for a lunch salad and it really separated and did not taste as good.




Finally, mix all the ingredients together and I added some feta on top as well. Love feta! This salad was really light, refreshing, and yummy. I made it in the summer, but I wouldn’t hesitate to make it any time of the year!

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