Sparkling Grey Nails

You know what’s worse than a Monday? A Monday after a long weekend. I had a great 4-day weekend and definitely wish it wasn’t over so soon. Hopefully you all had a good weekend, long or regular, too!

So last week I did my nails with the primary color being a Sephora by OPI color “Frankly, I Don’t Give A-Damn”. It’s a light grey, purple-y color. It’s more grey than purple, but I definitely can see some light purple undertones there in some lights. I decided I also wanted to incorporate an accent nail using Sally Hansen glitter polish, “Strobe Light”. The glitter was so pretty though that I decided to use it not only on my ring fingers, but also on my pointer fingers.

Sparkling Grey-Purple Nails
Sparkling Grey-Purple Nails 1
Sparkling Grey-Purple Nails 2
Sparkling Grey-Purple Nails 3
Sparkling Grey-Purple Nails 4
Sparkling Grey-Purple Nails 5

I loved the way my nails turned out. Definitely a good manicure to usher in the winter weather!

By the way, don’t forget that today’s the last day to use my code wjamie15 on Glamulet charms!

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  1. Shauna841505 says:

    Love these!! Come paint my nails next!

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    1. You got it! Next time I’m in California, I’ll bring some nail polish with me just for you 😉

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      1. Shauna841505 says:

        Yay!!!!!!!! Do you travel out here often? How about the Bay Area!?


      2. Sadly, no! I went to San Francisco once when I was like 12 haha. I do want to go now though as an adult!

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      3. Shauna841505 says:

        You should!!! Let me know when you come!

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  2. Very nice!!!
    Do you like this top coat?
    If you like Revlon, try out the Quick Base coat, it’s peeeerfect =)

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    1. I do like it! I haven’t tried the quick base coat, but I’ll have to!


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