Floral Dangling Ear Jacket
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Dangling Earring Jacket

Earring jackets have been popular for a while now and I think some of them are so pretty and fun. I have one pair that I received for Christmas, but they aren’t the typical earring jacket that hugs your ear from behind with the stud in the front. Instead this pair is a dangling pair.

Floral Dangling Ear Jacket
Floral Dangling Ear Jacket 1
Floral Dangling Ear Jacket 2
Floral Dangling Ear Jacket 3

These gold earrings have a leaf/floral design which is feminine and classic looking. The stud feeds through the leaf/floral dangling piece and then to the rubber backing. You can wear these earrings two ways – one way would be in the classic earring jacket manner which would have the dangling piece at the back of the earlobe.

Floral Dangling Ear Jacket - Style 2

The second way would be the wear the earring in the classic earring manner which would have the dangling piece at the front of the earlobe. This way it would look like your ordinary dangling earring.
Floral Dangling Ear Jacket - Style 1

Either way, the earrings are pretty! Now I need to find a pair of non-dangling earring jackets.

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