Tricky Trend: Daytime Pajamas

Tricky Trend: Daytime Pajamas


One of the trends this year has been slip dresses, but more specifically, the “pajama” look. When I say pajamas, I don’t mean real pajama pants and oversized t-shirts. I’m talking about the silky, lacy, satin-y tops and dresses. When I saw the challenge was “Daytime Pajamas” on Polyvore, I came up with 2 looks for this trend which are definitely not “daytime” looks but more for going out at night. I think the daytime label is mostly just used because these pieces are worn out of the house and not actually as pajamas.
1) The first is an off-white silk camisole with black lace and leather skinny pants.
2) The second look is a cami dress with black floral lace on top and a lime green skirt.
For both looks I used the same shoes and bag. I chose a leather Moschino bucket bag featuring gold hardware for the purse. To match, I chose black suede boots with gold embellishments.
What do you think about the daytime pajama trend?

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