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Personal Touches to a Shower Gift

It’s officially shower and wedding season. I’ve been to a bridal shower and a baby shower in the past 3 weeks. Today, I’m talking about a bridal shower I went to 3 weeks ago and how I added a small personal touch to the gift. Since the shower has already passed and my friend opened her gifts at the shower I can safely write about it here!

So why did I want to add a personal touch to my gift? Gift registries make it easy for attendees to buy gifts for the bride and groom since it’s what they picked out but they can be a bit impersonal. When I look at peoples’ registries I scroll through to find items that are in the price range I’m looking to spend around and see which of those item(s) I like the best. Sometimes it’s hard if you’re late to the game because all that’s left are super expensive items or little odds and ends. For my friend, the bride, I got her a frying pan. A beautiful, shiny, red frying pan, but I felt a little weird just giving her a frying pan in a gift bag and calling it a day nonetheless. So I decided to include a recipe on a recipe card that could be made with the frying pan!

Recipe Card
Bialetti Frying Pan
Bialetti Frying Pan + Recipe Card
Bridal Shower Gift

I found a rice & bean frittata recipe that looked really good and had good reviews online. My friend’s fiancé is a vegetarian so I wanted to give them a recipe that they could both eat. It was a nice touch to the gift without spending any additional money!

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