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Magic Slippers: Embellished Shoes

Magic Slippers: Embellished Shoes


I (not so) secretly want to go to a garden party. It would be my Pinterest dream come true. What could be better than delicious food, a gorgeous tablescape, beautiful fresh flower arrangements, twinkle lights, and to be surrounded by lush greenery? Doesn’t it just sound beautiful? I told my best friend once that when I (hopefully) someday get married I want my bridal shower to be a garden party. I don’t know if she remembers that I said that, but if she’s reading this now this is a reminder. Plus, when that day comes I’ll be very vocal about my wishes I’m sure.
So as much as I love dressing up and wearing heels, especially since I’m so short, sometimes flats are just the way to go. Flats have come a long way over the years and there are really pretty and stylish flats these days especially flat sandals. For my garden party above, I chose a a dreamy floral satin flare dress and decided to pair them with embellished satin slides – the star of the outfit!
What are your thoughts on flats?

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