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Emoji Fashion

Emoji Fashion


I’m sure we all use emoji’s when we’re texting and/or on social media because they are fun and can sometimes convey a feeling that we can’t quite put into words. I thought the Polyvore Emoji Fashion challenge was fun so I wanted to give it a try.
I chose this white pleated mini skirt with emoji print, a light pink slub tee, white platform sandals, and a black backpack with a LOL Tears emoji on it. The backpack features one of my favorite emoji’s and the backpack is so on trend right now.
Funnily enough this look is similar to something I wore myself recently and will be sharing on here soon! My look was flipped from this. I wore a light pink skater skirt and a tee with a all-over summer print of little things like flip flops, beach balls, etc.
What do you think of emoji fashion? I think it’s a fun thing to do for summer if you’re going to the beach or something.

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