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Black & White Look with Limitless Wrist

If you know me personally, especially if you’ve ever worked with me, you’ll know I wear a watch every day to work. I hardly wear one on weekends or when I’m not working (so most of the summer) but when the school year rolls around I’m back to wearing a watch consistently. If I forget to put one on for work I feel lost all day. I’ve got a little collection now and have thought about buying a watch box for more proper storage. So when Limitless Wrist asked if I would like to pick out a watch for a discounted price, I definitely wanted to check them out.

I decided to get the Fengshui Wrist Watch because it is so modern looking and different than any watch I’ve ever seen/any watch I have. The white band is nice, crisp, and clean. The black face is a nice contrast, but what really drew me to this watch is the multiple dials and moving pieces for hour, minutes, and seconds.

Limitless Watch + Diff Eyewear
Limitless Watch + Diff Sunglasses 1
White Fringe Tank Top
Limitless Wrist - Fengshui Wrist Watch 7
Limitless Wrist - Fengshui Wrist Watch 3
Limitless Wrist - Fengshui Wrist Watch 6
Limitless Wrist - Fengshui Wrist Watch 4
Limitless Wrist - Fengshui Wrist Watch 5
Limitless Wrist - Fengshui Wrist Watch 1
Limitless Wrist - Fengshui Wrist Watch 2
Limitless Wrist - Fengshui Wrist Watch

Limitless Wrist - Fengshui Watch
Limitless Wrist - Fengshui Wrist Watch 8

Top: Target| Leggings: Lc Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s | Watch: Limitless Wrist (here) | Sunglasses: DIFF Eyewear

For these photos I thought I would go for an all black & white look! My sunglasses were a birthday gift from a friend and they went perfectly with this whole look since they are black with white speckled print on them!

I’m really enjoying this watch and to give you an idea of what it looks like here’s a super short, 2 second video of the numbers (well just the seconds) moving.

It’s pretty cool and definitely unlike anything I have! Limitless Wrist was also kind enough to offer a discount code for all of you! Use code LAJBlog for 25% off your order!

*This post is a collaboration with Limitless Wrist, but all opinions are my own.*

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