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Leaf Nail Design

For a while I had plans to share a fall nail look on the blog. I found a leaf design in my nail stamping kit that looked cute and so that was my plan. Well, that did not work out as planned.

I had all my materials all set up and I even took this picture of what I would be using:



My original plan was to paint my nails red with this Sephora Formula X polish in the shade “Fiery” and then on one or two accent nails stamp on the leaf design in a gold polish. Lo and behold the gold polish did not work. Every time I pressed the stamper onto the plate the whole stamper would be covered in the polish with no noticeable design. After a few tries, I decided to try a different polish since I learned during my first attempt a few months ago that not all polishes work with this method. So I moved on to a taupe shade, which did not work either. My frustration was starting to build and I tried a white polish. Still, no luck! At this point I decided to give up on the nail stamp design but I didn’t want to give up completely because I had my mind set on having some sort of fall design.

I decided at this point that I would try to free hand a very (key word being very) simple leaf design because I really had nothing left to lose at this point. I got my white Sally Hansen pen and drew a very rudimentary leaf print on my pointer and ring fingers as well as my thumbs. After it dried, I used a top coat and that’s it! The leaves took a few tries but luckily with these pens you can wipe them right off if you’re unhappy with the design as long as you do it immediately and don’t wait for it to dry. A lot of wiping went on, but in the end I don’t think it turned out too bad!


Hopefully my next try with the stamping kit turns out much better!

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