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Warmer Days Ahead: Spring Dress

Warmer Days Ahead: Spring Dresses



Despite the fact that it’s supposed to rain multiple days this week, I’m beyond excited that the weather is finally starting to warm up. And by warm up, I mean temperatures in the mid to high 50s this week. I may have gotten a little ahead of myself yesterday when I wore a pencil skirt sans tights to work for the first time since the fall. I actually wasn’t cold (inside the building), but one of my friend’s 2nd graders said to me “Excuse me, why are you showing skin when it looks like that outside?!” Note that it wasn’t snowing or anything, but I think she meant that the trees are still bare etc. I told her I’m dreaming of spring, that’s why!

Anyway, with dreaming of warmer days ahead, I took part in Polyvore’s Spring Dresses style challenge. I chose this vintage silk dress with spring white iris flowers and detailed cut neckline. I chose light green pumps to match the greenery in the print, a champagne colored metalic clutch with light green and pink embellishments, and blush pearl statement earrings. This would be a beautiful spring look and/or Easter outfit!

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