Blazon Brush

Blazon Brush

Happy Monday and hello Thanksgiving week! I just need to get through work today and tomorrow and then I’m off! To say I’m excited is an understatement.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, all the good sales should be happening this week especially since many stores have started doing pre-Black Friday sales in recent years. Have you started your holiday shopping? I started, but just a few things here and there that I saw and thought would make small gifts.

With all the sales coming up I wanted to tell you that Blazon Brush is offering 10% off their brushes from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Blazon Brush was kind enough to send me a brush and case. However, the Blazon Brushes don’t really work for my hair type as the bristles don’t really work for my hair since my hair is fine and silky. Fortunately, for my friend Christa,  I was able to gift it to her and she gave me her thoughts on the brush!

Blazon BrushBlazon Brush - caseBlazon Brush 1Blazon Brush 2

Christa’s thoughts on the brush:

The Blazon Brush was great! It did an amazing job when putting my hair into a ponytail, got it tight and neat! It also came with a cool case that kept the bristle safe and the brush clean. On the website it says that the brush could be used on the whole head, I only used it for my edges, I am a little skeptical because it is a bristle brush. Personally I would not use this on the whole head or with wet hair, but if you’re looking for a brush that can get you hair into a perfect ponytail every time without it feeling like you’re ripping your hair out, this is the one. That being said it is a little pricey, but this is the kind of brush that you can keep for a very long time and because of the case you don’t have to worry about damages done to the brush.

Like Christa said the brush may seem a little pricey, but as mentioned earlier in the post the company is offering 10% off for Black Friday through Cyber Monday so if you’re interested this is a great time to buy for yourself or a family member/friend for the holidays!

*This product was sent to me complimentary*

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