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How To Increase The Value Of Your Home

You may have finally found the property of your dreams or it could be your very first home. Owning a property is a really exciting life event because it’s a place you can call your own and you pretty much have full reign over what you can do with it. Whether this is your home for life or an investment property, you should always look to increase the value of your home. Why? Because it’s a fun process, upgrading and updating your home with something new. It’ll keep your property fresh, and you never know what may happen in the future, may decide to sell up!


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So if you want to help increase the value of your property, here are a few tips to get you started.


Boost Outdoor Appeal

A lot of us will tend to forget about our outdoor space, especially if we don’t enjoy gardening. However, an outdoor space can really help sell a property because it shows another area of the property where memories can be made. Family BBQs, enjoying the summer sunshine over school holidays or haphazardly setting off fireworks on Bonfire Night. So have a look at your current front and back gardens to see what you could potentially do with space you’ve got.

Decking is a great way of isolating a part of the garden and adding extra appeal to the space. You can read more about installing decking online or maybe ask a neighbour how they did theirs. Using different textures from grass to soil and natural stone or pebbles can add a bit more character and interest to it. Add some garden furniture, some vibrant coloured flowers and this will give your property something extra, that you can fully enjoy.


Create More Rooms

The more bedrooms and bathrooms you have, the more it seems the price of a property rises. You may have quite a large amount of floor space in your home, so if you fancy a big project, you could transform an overly large bedroom or dining area into two more bedrooms or perhaps a gym or games room. Homes that have more unique spaces are going to make it even more appealing. Renovations like this can be quite a big job, and unless you have the skills and knowledge to hand, you’ll probably want to hire some reputable builders to help out.

Have a budget in mind of how much you’re able to spend and try and keep the ratio of bedrooms to bathrooms reasonable. Bedrooms with ensuites are an added bonus!


Fix Any Structural Problems

When a home’s structure is compromised, it can threaten the value of a home. No one would want to buy a property if the likelihood of spending thousands on repairs as soon as they moved in was high. Examples of certain structural defects would include:


  • Leaking roof – Very important to get fixed because it keeps your home safe from the elements throughout the year and if it’s used for storage, just think of all the damage it could cause to your valuables.
  • Damp – It’s very easy for a home to suffer from damp if a room isn’t well ventilated and any moisture can’t escape. Damp can end up causing a lot of problems to your walls and ceilings, so it’s important to treat the areas properly and get rid of the problem completely. Don’t just paint over it and expect it just to go away, especially when it can cause health problems for you and your household.
  • Structural Cracks – A big crack in your wall is hardly going to be easy to ignore so address it as soon as you can as it’s an issue that will only become more serious as time goes on. And of course, it becomes more costly!
  • Insect Infestation – It can be horrifying when you find you’ve been infested with some type of animal so to avoid any damages to the property, get in the relevant company to be rid of them.



Insulate The Home

A warm home is a happy home, so you want to make sure that even in the coldest months, your home in conserving the heat as much as possible. Insulating the home can be done in a number of ways. For example, your windows should be double or triple glazed. Making sure the windows are sealed both inside and outside can also stop any draughts getting in. Hanging heavy curtains or thermal blinds can also help prevent the cold coming in.

The same goes for the doors as the heat can escape through it, so draught excluders are great for this. Insulate the wall cavities and the roof and you’re likely to see a big difference in the cost of running your heating.


Put Passion Into Your Decor

Even if you’re never going to sell your home, it’s important that you’re passionate about your home. Keeping up with the latest decor trends and making the most of each room will not only impress your guests but you’ll enjoy living in your property even more. Make use of natural life, focus on statement pieces around the home and inject some of your own personality into the rooms. Frames of friends and family are a lovely, personal touch.

Adding some mod cons to the property will make daily life a lot easier. Things like an instant hot water tap in the kitchen, CCTV to boost security and lights that are controlled remotely can all be very useful.


Add An Extension

An extension is not always possible because of space, but if you have a lot of land going spare, with the right planning permissions, you can build an extension on your home. This is great if you’ve always wanted that indoor cinema to enjoy with the family or an extra guest room.

Increasing the value of your home can be done at any time and is always a great thing to do to add something new to the home. Try out some of these tips today!

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