Wildwood Boardwalk

#fbf Foggy Boardwalk

Happy Fri-yay! This week felt about a year long and I’ve heard multiple people say the same thing. I don’t know why it felt so long. I wasn’t busier than usual. I didn’t have more work than usual. It just seemed to drag and feel extra long. But, it’s finally Friday so I wanted to share another old photo and do a Flashback Friday, #fbf. Like last time when I shared green and white flowers, I was scrolling through photos on my phone and came across this one from last June.

Wildwood Boardwalk

Last June, I was chaperoning a field trip for the seniors at my school to Wildwood. For those of you unfamiliar with NJ or the area, Wildwood is a beach town about 2 hours south of me. We brought the students to this mini water park that’s on the boardwalk down there and they spent the day at the water park, beach, and boardwalk. When we arrived in the mid-morning, it was strangely foggy! It wasn’t that early – I always associate fog with early mornings or late nights. This photo was taken around 10:45am and we got off the bus (strangest bus ride and bus driver ever, by the way) and saw fog that covered the boardwalk in the distance and stretched over the beach and as far out as we could see over the ocean. It was so bizarre! As you can see here, right in front of me it wasn’t foggy, but it was really foggy in the distance and all around me. You can see the ferris wheel in the background in a haze. A little while after we arrived, the fog started to lift and disappear, but still it was strange. The fog coupled with the fact that it was mid June on a weekday meaning most people were at work or in school, so the boardwalk was empty at 10:45 in the morning making the whole scene all the more eerie!

So that’s my photo share for the day. I hope you all have a great Friday! I have an exciting thing going on tomorrow so be share to follow me on Instagram stories to see what I’m up to and I plan to write all about it on Sunday!

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