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Sherlock Homes | Lucy James Series

My book review for you all today is a little bit different than usual. That’s because instead of delving in to one book, I am giving a brief overview of a book series. A while ago I was sent two books from the Sherlock Holmes/Lucy James mystery series – The Crown Jewel Mystery and Remember, Remember. Authors Anna Elliott and Charles Veley (a father/daughter duo) pen the mystery series following Sherlock Holmes and his daughter Lucy James. I hadn’t had a chance to read these two when I was sent the newest story, Die Again, Mr. Holmes. So as soon as I finished reading my last book, which I didn’t exactly love, I read all 3 of these books. Whereas, the last book I read it felt like a chore to read, I read these books in just days!

Sherlock Holmes & Lucy James

And while I breezed through these books, they’re not super short stories either. Aside from The Crown Jewel Mystery which is a novella, the other two are your average sized novels in the 300 page range. But, I was so in to the stories and characters that I just couldn’t put the books down!

Remember, Remember is told all in Lucy’s perspective. By the way, love her character. But, in the other two the chapters are told from different people. Sometimes you’re following Lucy around and other times Watson is telling you what he’s up to. Watson is classic, of course, but I do love Lucy’s portions of the stories the most. Not to mention she is married to constable turned Scotland Yard detective Jack Kelly, who seems so swoon worthy!

As mentioned above, The Crown Jewel Mystery is a prequel so in it American Lucy James is just arriving in London in search of finding out who her father is and gets caught up in a bank robbery. In Remember, Remember, Lucy wakes up in the middle of the street with no recollection of how she got there or who she is! Follow along as she tries to figure out what is going on. And in Die Again, Mr. Holmes the team tries to solve a few murder mysteries that all seem to lead back to an opium smuggling operation.

The stories are fun and not the kind of mysteries that you can figure out on your own, because in classic Sherlock fashion, the key details are typically hidden from the readers until the big reveal.

The books I received are only 3 of the currently 8 book series. The Crown Jewel Mystery is a prequel. Remember, Remember is the 4th book in the series and Die Again, Mr. Holmes is the latest. I definitely want to check out the other books in the series. While they can definitely be read as stand-alone books they do refer back to old cases so it’d be nice to fill in the blanks. Plus, I like the characters so much that I want to learn more about them and follow their stories some more. I am officially invested in Lucy, Jack’s, and Becky’s (Jack’s little sister) lives.

*These books were sent to me complimentary, but all opinions are my own.*

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