Faded Lavender Floral Top
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Faded Lavender Floral Top

Bright colors and bright florals are a staple for the warmer weather, but I also love muted colors pretty much any time of the year. So it’s no surprise that I love this faded lavender floral top. It is a very lightweight sweater – think thin enough to be a little bit see-through – so it is perfect for this time of year where it’s a bit chilly in the morning and then mild to warm in the afternoon.

I wore this faded lavender floral top with dark grey pants and my favorite black mules. When I wore this outfit to work a few days ago I wore this with black flats, but went with the mules for photos.

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Top: LOFT | Pants: Uniqlo | Mules: Target

How sweet is this floral print? It’s got that vintage look to it. Which reminds me I bought a set of vintage floral prints with frames from Etsy a while back to hang up on some wall space in my bedroom and I still haven’t gotten around to that project yet! When IΒ eventually do that I will definitely share on here.

But anyway, this top is so easy to dress up or down. I wore it to work with these dark grey pants, but you can easily wear with jeans or denim shorts in the summer which I can totally see myself doing!

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