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What to Wear for Summer Skiing


Those who love to ski are always looking for the next opportunity to go on a ski trip even if temperatures outside are sweltering. Places that offer summer skiing are booming, with people going there to escape heat waves and bringing with them a beach-like atmosphere. You might find yourself confused and wonder how to dress for summer skiing if it is your first time.

To cover up or not to cover up
You will find widely differing opinions on how much to cover up when skiing in summer. People who live in the Alpine region or who ski in all seasons swear that you can ski just fine in shorts and a T-shirt, while others suggest dressing up in full gear. In general, it is a good idea to wear at least two layers even if the weather is warm. Wear a thin layer, such as a thin fleece, and a good soft shell jacket on top. Buying Obermeyer jackets for men and women is a good investment if you like skiing. You might feel comfortable in jeans and shorts, but remember that the cuts and burns you will get from falls will affect your exposed legs.

What to pack
Not wearing ski trousers or thermals is fine in summer. Many people go in just jeans or long pants. A good pair of sports leggings paired with a fleece jacket is also a good idea. However, summer weather can be quite unpredictable, so be prepared for sudden bouts of cold. The mountains are famous for sudden days with high winds, which can even cause blizzards in extreme cases. To avoid getting caught off guard, bring a pair of gloves, hats, and goggles with you. Just in case you decide not to pack too many warm clothes, check to see if the ski resort happens to have an option to rent ski pants and jackets in case it gets cold. Also, make sure that your clothes are mostly waterproof as you will get soaked from the snow melting off.

Considerations for ski boots

Skiing without ski boots is almost impossible. You need a lot of control for skiing that only good ski boots can offer. But if it is too warm to wear ski boots and you are skiing in an area with relatively few slopes, you can wear “fast shoes” instead. These are detachable snow blades that you can attach onto any good snowshoes and use for skiing. The main problem with these shoes is that they do not offer a high degree of control. You will not be able to make sharp turns or go very fast, and you might find yourself falling over often.

Preparing for summer skiing is exciting. You can pack a lot or make do with a few essentials, depending on how long you are going for and where you are going to. If you are going on a full-fledged ski vacation, you might need to pack a lot of gear. But if you are going on a road trip and would like to pack some essentials just in case you run into a ski area, you can get away with packing some light clothes.

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