Hooks Creek Lake
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Hooks Creek Lake

I’m generally not a lake person – mostly because I haven’t been to many. I’ve lived less than an hour from the beach my whole life so my summers have always been about going to the beach or hanging out at someone’s pool. A few weeks ago my friend and I were planning to spend the afternoon at a reservoir about 30 minutes away. I haven’t been to that reservoir in years. I used to go there to go fishing with my dad and brother when I was young. Anyway, before we headed out we saw a notification that the reservoir was at capacity and not accepting any more visitors until further notice!

We contemplated going down the beach, but didn’t know if we felt like making the trip down, dealing with beach traffic, parking, etc. when it was already noon. After doing a quick online search, we saw that a state park – also about 30 minutes away – has a lake and “beach” area for swimmers. So we decided to try it out since we’d never been there.

We drove down to Cheesequake State Park to check out Hooks Creek Lake. The lake was actually a cute little area. The beach area is pretty small, but good enough for our purposes for the day. We actually didn’t end up staying very long because when we got there it got extremely windy so we kept getting hit in the face with sand and it wasn’t pleasant.

Hooks Creek Lake 8Hooks Creek LakeHooks Creek Lake 1Bright Green SwimsuitHooks Creek Lake 2Hooks Creek Lake 3Hooks Creek Lake 4Bright Green Swimsuit 1Hooks Creek Lake 5Hooks Creek Lake 6Hooks Creek Lake 7Cheesequake State ParkCheesequake State Park 1

Swimsuit: Aerie | Overalls: Kohl’s | Sunglasses: GAMT via Amazon (here) | Flip Flops: c/o Okabashi

I wore a new bright green one-piece bathing suit that I really love. It has a pebbled texture, faux henley style buttons, and a scoop back. So flattering and I love the bright green! I wore overalls (one strap on just for photo purposes!) and my new favorite sunglasses – a Gucci dupe from Amazon for $13! I bought the sunnies in 3 different colors and you bet they’ll be in my July favorites.

As you can see in the photos, it was so windy that my hair was going crazy even if I put it up!

I would go back if I was looking for a place to go for a low-key time that’s not far away (even despite the weird person who kept talking to me). It was a gorgeous, but windy, day at Hooks Creek Lake!

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